What is a Sinus Lift?

A sinus lift is a surgical procedure that adds bone to the upper jaw in the area of your molars and premolars. It involves lifting the sinus membrane and placing the bone graft between the jaw and the maxillary sinuses. This procedure is often necessary for patients who do not have enough bone height in the upper jaw or whose sinuses are too close to the jaw for dental implants to be placed.

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Why Do You Need a Sinus Lift?

A sinus lift is typically required for the following reasons:

  • Insufficient Bone Height: Natural bone loss due to tooth loss, gum disease, or aging can result in insufficient bone height in the upper jaw.
  • Sinus Proximity: The sinus floor may be too close to the jaw, making it difficult to place implants.
  • Previous Dental Issues: Tooth loss and other dental conditions may have led to bone resorption in the upper jaw.

Without adequate bone height and density, dental implants cannot be securely placed in the upper jaw. A sinus lift ensures that there is sufficient bone to support the implants, facilitating successful dental restoration.

Our Sinus Lift Procedure

Consultation and Evaluation: We begin with a thorough consultation to assess your oral health, evaluate your sinus anatomy, and determine your suitability for a sinus lift. We review your medical history and dental needs.

Treatment Planning: We develop a customized treatment plan that details the type of bone graft material to be used and the specific steps of the procedure.

Surgical Procedure: During the surgery, a small incision is made in the gum to expose the jawbone. A window is created in the bone, and the sinus membrane is gently lifted. Bone graft material is then placed into the space between the sinus and the jawbone. The gum is sutured closed after the bone graft is in place.

Healing and Integration: Over the next several months, the grafted bone integrates with your natural bone, creating a solid foundation for dental implants. We provide detailed post-operative instructions and schedule follow-up visits to monitor your progress.

Follow-Up and Restoration: Once the bone has healed and integrated, you can proceed with the placement of dental implants or other restorative treatments, ensuring successful and stable outcomes.

Benefits of a Sinus Lift

  • Increases Bone Height: Provides the necessary bone height for secure dental implant placement.
  • Facilitates Dental Implants: Enables the placement of implants in the upper jaw.
  • Prevents Sinus Issues: Creates a safe distance between the sinuses and dental implants.
  • Improves Oral Health: Supports the overall stability and function of the upper jaw.