As children, we are obsessed with our teeth. Counting them, watching them fall out and grow back in. Waiting for the tooth fairy’s surprise. And as adults, we are still obsessed with them, but maybe in a different way (as in “why do they always hurt and why aren’t they white anymore?”) So just for fun, and to further indulge in this fascination with teeth (See? It’s not just dentists that are obsessed with them), here are some fun facts about teeth.

This is a great article to share with your children! How many of these facts did you already know?

Sharks don’t get cavities. Why? Because their teeth are coated in fluoride. That combined with the fact that they have rows and rows of replacement teeth, ready to go at a moment’s notice, give them an unfair advantage over humans when it comes to oral health.

You are lucky! You have three types of teeth: (1) Incisors to bite pieces off, (2) Canines to hold and tear, and (3) molars to grind food. This allows you to eat a wide variety of foods. Some animals, like crocodiles, aren’t so lucky, they only have sharp teeth to grab and kill, which greatly reduces their restaurant choices.

Enamel is the hardest material in the human body. It is considered the last line of defense for your tooth. Normal wearing down of enamel does occur over time and is simply a part of aging. But bacteria can cause this breakdown to accelerate, which is why we brush and floss regularly!

Taste buds only live for about 10 days, or 2 weeks if they are lucky. They go through a life cycle just like every other cell renewal processes in the body.

Sharkskin is covered in teeth. Don’t believe me? Both sharks and their cousins, rays, are covered in what are called dermal denticles. Although they look like scales they are actually just modified teeth, with an enamel coating and all! These protect them and also help them swim faster, but enough about sharks.

The jaw muscle, called the “masseter”, is the strongest muscle in the body if we are talking about strength based by weight. When all of these muscles work together, the jaw exerts 55 pounds of weight on the incisors and 200 pounds on the molars. This is why we take jaw disorders like teeth grinding, TMJ and bruxism very seriously – that’s a lot of force! Call us today if you suspect you might be a teeth grinder.

Did you know any of these fun facts about teeth already or did we surprise you?

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