Dr. Rana Zogby is a highly qualified dentist (Associate Fellow through AAID 2014) who started placing implants during her General Practice Residency in 2003. As the owner of Fairview Mall Dental Centre since 2006, Dr. Rana Zogby provides comprehensive implant therapy from start to finish.

Her ability to provide complete implant care is backed up by many years of experience. She has been surgically placing dental implants and restoring them to a natural look with great success. This allows for the whole treatment to be done in one location which provides great comfort and convenience for our patients in North York.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are titanium anchors, which act as tooth root substitutes. They are surgically placed into the jawbone. A post is then attached to the implant, which protrudes through the gums.

These posts act as a stable anchor for artificial replacement teeth.

Replacing a tooth or teeth with dental implants gives patients the ability to:

  • Speak normally
  • Laugh unconditionally
  • and eat any type of food without limitations

Above all, it helps patients regain their self-esteem and ultimately enhances their social interaction. Please see our dental implants Smile Gallery.

Missing all Your Teeth?

If candidates are missing all their teeth, several standard implants can still be placed, and fixed or removable natural-looking dentures can be hooked into them to give the patient the same function and aesthetics as natural teeth.

If a patient is missing all their teeth, has a very thin jawbone, and is medically compromised, then the option of mini implants can be explored and provided.

Standard implants are always the gold standard, but mini implants as an alternative approach can be nice to fall back on for elderly patients who are not fit to go through the standard implant surgery. Having said that, at Fairview Mall Dental Centre, Dr. Zogby has placed many standard dental implants with patients over 80 years of age with no complications.

Benefits of Dental Implants

  • Most natural way to replace teeth and allows patients to be more sociable and more acceptable by the public
  • They allow patients to smile without embarrassment and eat without hesitation
  • They preserve facial contour by preventing jawbone loss
  • They preserve surrounding teeth without the need to drill them to place a dental bridge

Dental Implants Procedure

Step 1: Evaluation

You will undergo a medical/radiographic and clinical examination to decide if you are a candidate for this procedure. Your specific needs and considerations will be addressed mostly by Dr. Zogby or occasionally by an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon referred by our practice.

Your questions and concerns are important to us and our team will work with you very closely to help make your procedure a success.

Step 2: Implant Placement

The placement of dental implants involves one or two surgical procedures. First, implants are placed within your jawbone. For the first three to six months following the surgery, the implants are beneath the surface of the gums or slightly peeking through it depending on the surgeon’s choice.

During that time the implant is gradually integrated with the jawbone. You should be able to wear temporary dentures and eat a soft diet during this time.

Step 3: New Teeth

After the implant has been integrated into the jawbone, the second phase begins. The implant will be uncovered, and Dr. Zogby can then start making your new teeth.

An impression will be taken. The process of making the teeth starts. The replacement teeth are then made over a post that sits between the implant and the final crown.

The entire procedure usually takes four to eight months. Most patients do not experience any disruption in their daily life.

How much do dental implants cost?

Approximately $4,000 per tooth over a period of 6 months.

How long do dental implants last?

A successful dental implant should last a long time

Are dental implants safe?


Titanium dental implants are very safe and allergic reactions to them are very rare. Titanium dental implants have been used since the 1950s and have become very popular in the last two decades.

What is the success rate of dental implants?

Over 90% success rate.

Is dental implant surgery painful?

At Fairview Mall Dental Centre, we have placed hundreds of implants with patients reporting very minimal pain or discomfort after surgery!

You may need to take Advil or Tylenol the next day as advised otherwise, healing is usually unremarkable with minimal discomfort.

Can my insurance company pay for my implants?

Depends on the insurance plan you have but most of the time they pay a portion of the cost.

Our patient coordinator can help submit a predetermination to your insurance so you can find out how much the insurance will compensate you for it.

Do I have to place an implant as soon as I lose a tooth?

Ideally, the implant should be placed within 6 months of losing a tooth because once we lose a tooth, we start the process of losing the bone in that area which will reduce the height and width of bone available to place the implant.

In addition, teeth start shifting around the space which will ultimately reduce the space available to place the implant.

Do I need a bone grafting procedure for the dental implant?

If the tooth is already gone and you have enough bone then there is no need for bone grafting.

However, if a tooth still needs to be removed then most of the time a socket preservation procedure is performed with the extraction to maximize bone available for future implant placement.

Is a dental implant better than a bridge to replace teeth?

Yes, it is.

Why are Dental implants better than bridges?

  • They preserve the surrounding teeth by not touching them
  • They preserve the bone to keep facial contour the same
  • They are easier to clean
  • They have a higher success rate and longevity

What are the disadvantages of implants?

Dental implants take time, you need to be medically healthy, and their cost is more than alternative options.

What are the advantages of implants?

They are very successful if done by an experienced surgeon.

Dental Implants promote better gum health, better bone health, and better facial contour. Furthermore, dental implants provide great long-term life expectancy, they don’t require drilling any of the surrounding teeth and they are quite natural looking and comfortable.

I was told my sinus is low, can Dr. Zogby still place an implant for me?

Dr. Zogby has been using a very advanced technique called Osseo densification ( www.Versah.com) for several years with great success and she uses this technique to lift the sinus indirectly and still places standard implants in these locations.

Do I need to worry about nerve damage with dental implants?

Dr. Zogby orders a CBCT (cone beam CT scan) with every case so she studies your bone map very well before your surgery and plans the proper size to make sure the nerve is not touched or any other important anatomical landmarks.

Is there any risk associated with implants?

The case is planned very meticulously at Fairview Mall Dental Centre to minimize any possible side effects but like any other surgical procedure, a slight risk of complications cannot be null.

Possible complications include bruising, swelling, nerve numbness, sinus infection, pain, and implant failure.