A frenum is a naturally occurring muscle attachment, normally seen between the front teeth (either upper or lower) and lip, or between tongue and floor of the mouth or between cheeks and gum. An excessively large frenum can prevent the teeth from coming together resulting in a gap between the front teeth. Infants will have difficulty breastfeeding if they have a tongue tie ( tongue attached too close to the floor of the mouth ). And children could develop speech problems due to tongue-tie as well.

A frenectomy is simply the surgical removal of a frenum by releasing it. When Orthodontic treatment is planned or initiated, the removal of an abnormal frenum, with or without a gingival graft, can increase stability and improve the success of the final orthodontic result.

Dr. Rana Zogby uses her Diode laser to release the frenum without the need for an anesthetic. It is a preferred technique for all ages and a much more comfortable one.